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Feeling overwhelmed? 

Confused as to how to start planning for retirement? 

There are loads of retirement calculators available on the Internet. A simple Google search produces over 32 million results! And, yes, we have our own  retirement calculator.

One thing every retirement calculator requires is for you to enter some numbers into a variety of required fields. Which leads to the question: what numbers do I put in there?

Quite frankly, most people (including many financial advisors) make them up based on their best guess. And they may or may not be close to the right number. To make your ‘best guess’ even better I recommend that you first answer the question:

What do I want to do in retirement?

Answering that question will help you make a more informed decision when entering those numbers in the calculator

Here are a few questions to be sure to ponder when answering that question:

  • What are your hobbies? Do you want to start a new hobby in retirement? Will that hobby generate income for you?
  • Plan to retire earlier than when you think you actually will that way you will have the option to retire at an earlier age and working after that age is completely by choice!
  • Your retirement bucket list! What accomplishments to you want to achieve and challenges you want to overcome?
  • Your legacy – do you want to leave money or other assets to family, friends and/or charitable organization(s)?

This is just a short list and of course there are many other things to consider such as your current savings, debt repayment, current income, etc. 

A financial advisor will be able to meet with you to go through this process in depth and develop a plan to achieve your retirement goals. 

As a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, Debbie Craig is willing to meet with you for a no obligation, complimentary retirement planning consultation.

By Debbie Craig, CFP®, MBA, CRPS®

Branch Manager

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