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When it comes to investing and retirement planning one thing is true for everybody: they want to know there is a plan. A plan that illustrates to them that they will be able to retire someday. A plan that is the road map to an enjoyable retirement.

Our clients at Craig Wealth Advisors  know there is a plan in place. How?

  1. We have a defined approach to planning and investing

    • This begins with an understanding of our client’s individual circumstances, needs and goals. Although we have a defined process the plan itself is personalized to each investor. 

  2. We illustrate the plan to our clients

    • Our nest egg diagram illustrates each funding source. We tie that diagram into our 3 bucket strategy so they can see how each funding source results in assets in the 3 different buckets. Our retirement matrix breaks down where the retiree’s monthly paycheck will come from – annuity, IRA, etc. The investor can then clearly see the plan from start – accumulating money in the nest egg – to finish – a monthly ‘retirement’ paycheck.

    • By illustrating that the plan does have specific steps and goals that are achieved, the investor and future retiree is more knowledgeable about why they are saving and feel more confident that the plan will work and their goal of a successful retirement is achieved.

  3. We educate them on how the agreed investments will help them achieve their goals

    • We take the time to educate the investor on the variety of investments within the plan so they understand how they align with their risk tolerance, time horizon, etc.
    • We also continue to ‘sharpen our saw’ by staying on top of what is going on in the market, new trends, new funding sources, new investments etc.

If you:

  • wonder if you will ever be able to retire,
  • have been investing but don’t understand what you are invested in or why, or
  • know you have a plan but cannot explain it to someone.

It is time to know there is a plan. Please call or email me to discuss how to get started.

By Debbie Craig CFP®, MBA, CRPS®

Branch Manager

Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss regardless of strategy selected.

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